Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil

An adult vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) eating the outer edges of a Hydrangea leaf.


Tulips Galore

Beautiful tulips in so many colours are providing a wonderful Spring display in the gardens.


A small selection of graded rushes which were taken during a site visit to a stonemasonry company in Norwich.

Abseilers under the Tower Bridge Walkways

A short video shot during one of the night-time bridge closures, showing abseilers working under the Walkways and the transfer of the ALPS Space Frame Platforms (cradles) from the East to the West Walkway.

Tower Bridge – Needle Gun

This video clip from the 27th July 2010 shows a needle gun being used to remove defective coatings from around the rivet joints under the East Walkway of Tower Bridge.

The new cage for the Monument

The new cage for the Monument One of our favourite parts of recording the major restoration to the Monument was the installation of the new

Temple Bar at Theobalds Park

Temple Bar at Theobalds Park We are currently converting some old DV footage taken during the dismantling of Temple Bar at Theobalds Park. Workman are