Speckled Wood - Harris Digital Productions

Speckled Wood

Plenty of Speckled Wood butterflies enjoying the sun in the gardens today.

Fairy longhorn moths - Harris Digital Productions

Fairy longhorn moths

The Adelidae or fairy longhorn moths are a family of monotrysian moths in the lepidopteran infraorder Heteroneura.

Woodlice video - Harris Digital Productions


Some close-ups of woodlice in the garden today.

Ladybird walking video snapshot - harris digital productions


You spend ages setting up the shot and then they decide to go for a walk!

Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil

An adult vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) eating the outer edges of a Hydrangea leaf.


Tulips Galore

Beautiful tulips in so many colours are providing a wonderful Spring display in the gardens.