Victoria Station Refurbishment

Victoria Station is one of the busiest railway terminuses’ in the UK with an estimated 115 million people passing through it every year. The station is also home to the London Underground and various other modes of transport are available nearby (such as the Victoria Coach Station located along Buckingham Palace Road). At present the station is served by Gatwick Express, South Eastern Trains and the Southern Railway. Refurbishments currently taking place include a re-paint of the roof and lower level canopies.

Victoria Station
London Victoria Station

Named after the British monarch Queen Victoria, Victoria Station was actually created by the combination of two separate stations in the wake of the Great Exhibition of 1851. The aim of the exhibition, originally located in London`s Hyde Park, was to showcase Britain`s industrial superiority over the rest of the world, and drew in millions of visitors from the UK and beyond.

Victoria Station
Victoria Station – refurbishments currently taking place include a re-paint of the roof and lower level canopies

Once the exhibition had been relocated to Penge, the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway was incorporated to serve the new site. A terminal was soon needed on the north side of the River Thames and in 1858 the Victoria Station and Pimlico Railway was established. The station was built in two parts, the eastern (Chatham) side with services to Kent, and the western (Brighton) side with services to Surrey and Sussex, including Gatwick Airport and Brighton. Nearby attractions include Buckingham Palace and the Apollo Victoria Theatre.