New balustrade and platform cage
New viewing platform
New viewing platform

On Saturday 11 October the streets around the Monument were closed for an exciting landmark event in the Monument restoration project. A massive 100 tonne crane winched a new balustrade and platform cage on to the viewing platform. The balustrade was lifted in two sections before workmen welded it together. The operation took five hours to complete.

The platform cage has been constructed of lightweight cable mesh, stretched over stainless steel tubes. It replaces the former iron bars which were installed in the 1950s. This installation is part of the £4.5 million project which also involves the cleaning and repair of the Monument’s stonework and the regilding of its famous golden orb.

View images of the balustrade and cage installation on the Monument website:

Harris Digital Productions filmed and photographed the installation for the City of London.
Repairs to the Monument are carried out every hundred years, the last major work was undertaken in the 1880s. The current project has cost the City of London Corporation £4.5million.

Visitors who climb the 311 spiral steps to admire the view at the top will also be able to use state of the art telescopes which have been designed as part of the new balustrade. The curved stainless tubes of the structure contain the electrical cabling for the services on the viewing platform including CCTV cameras and lighting.

Built in 1671 to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Monument is one of the City’s most outstanding landmarks. The Grade 1 listed building has been closed since July 2007 and is due to open in February 2009.

You can follow the restoration of the Monument on our dedicated website