World War 2 Self-Help Booklets

self-help-bookletWhat were the booklets for?
Because of rationing people didn’t have access to as many supplies as they had done before the war. There were major shortages of a number of things including food and clothes, and because of this people needed advice on how to make the most of what they had. The government decided to distribute self-help booklets which contained practical tips which would help guide people through these tough times.

What tips did they include?
The booklets covered a range of topics from how to grow your own vegetables to making a shirt last for as long as possible. As food was so short there were many handy hints on how to make interesting meals using limited ingredients. People really did follow the view of “waste not, want not.”

Did you know?
One of the most famous World War II self-help booklets was called “Make Do and Mend” and was published by the Ministry of Information in 1943. With Britain now facing some tough times because of the recession, department store John Lewis is planning on selling a modern version of “Make Do and Mend.” Much like the original war booklet, it will give tips on how to save money and not be so wasteful.