Incendiary Bombs

incendiary-bomb-tailWhat was an incendiary bomb?
Incendiary bombs were filled with highly flammable (easy to set on fire) substances which would start fires once they had hit the ground. The aim of using incendiary bombs was to cause as many fires as possible.

How were they used?
During an air raid a pilot would drop a number of incendiary bombs across an area of land. The highly flammable substance inside each bomb would burn and cause a fire. Because there were so many fires close together the effects were devastating.

Which countries used the incendiary bomb?
A number of countries used incendiary bombs during World War II including America, Germany, Britain and Japan.

Did the incendiary bombs cause much damage?
The incendiary bombs caused a lot of death and destruction, mainly to civilians. In 1945 America dropped a number of incendiary bombs on Tokyo in what has been described as the worst air raid in history. Over 100,000 people were killed by the fires and up to 1,000,000 lost their homes. Many places in Britain faced incendiary bombings as did many places in Germany.