Carving the Beasts of St George’s

photography by Harris Digital

In 2004-05, Harris Digital documented the recreation of four massive stone beasts for the World Monuments Fund (Britian).

These extraordinary sculptures were recreated and restored to St George’s in Bloomsbury by the Cambridge based Architectural Carvers and Stonemasons, Fairhaven of Anglesey Abbey Ltd (now Fairhaven and Woods Ltd).

Below is just a small sample of images taken during the carving process. To ensure we captured as much of the project as possible, we made additional site visits at our own cost.

Harris Digital Productions filmed the whole process, from the model making, carving and the 72 stone sections which were assembled around the spire of the church.

Images by John Harris © Harris Digital Productions

Tim Crawley carving the lions head
Tim Crawley carving the Lions head


Paul carving one of the unicorns legs
Paul, carving with a chishel, powered by pneumatic hammers.




Historian and BBC television presenter Dan Cruickshank makes a site visit during the installation
Historian and BBC television presenter Dan Cruickshank admiring the beasts during the installation at St George’s Bloomsbury


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