Sometimes it’s just nice to hangout on your own.

Green shield bug

The green shield bug (Palomena prasina) is a shield bug of the family Pentatomidae.

Vine Weevil

An adult vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) eating the outer edges of a Hydrangea leaf.

Pollen Baskets

Helping to pollinate our flowers! A busy worker bee with loaded pollen baskets on her hind legs.

Common Blue

The Common Blue is the most widespread blue butterfly in Britain and Ireland.

Blue Tailed Damselfly

Ischnura elegans – Damselflies are insects in the sub-order Zygoptera (meaning “paired-wings”). All four wings are near enough equal in size and shape.


They are a welcome guest of gardeners due to their main food source being the pests that damage plants.

Small White

A Pieris rapae, the small white, feeding on some nectar from lavender blossoms.

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